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Marlena Marika


Hello! I am Marlena Marika Christensen. I have been a lot of things at different times of my life, but right now I am a wife and a mother. I have found that throughout the hectic hustle and bustle of life I am able to stop time and relish the sweet moments all around me when I am looking through a lens. That is what drove me to photography and the challenge and creativity of it is driving me forward. 

Of all the things I want to capture in my photography, the connection between people and moments they share is my greatest goal and passion. That split second where one person triggers a giggle in anther person is captivating, and that is the magic in freezing time. I will work hard and strive to capture those moments when I work with you. You wont find elaborate props or forced smiles. What you will find is true connection, passion, and joy.

I am a photographer specializing in weddings, couples, families, and senior photography. I am located in the Monterey Bay area.  However, I am  always available to travel and welcome the opportunity to do so.

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Tel: 562.338.3853


Marlena Marika Photography

Salinas, California

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